Hi i am fulltime danceteacher that found a new passion and challenge

sinds 2017 i came a crouse the markets that was introduced to me by a friend of mine. Sinds then I saw new opportunities and new ways to make money in the world. As I am not a fan of the system that we live in, for example, that you have to have a steady job

to make money or do something that something you don’t like to make money to live. i am the type of person that aims to break cycles that are thought to us in school and controlled by the system that we live in. i believe we can make money from anything that we love to do. i am there for choosing to challenge the markets. i have done 2 courses and studied the markets. There were times i thought, it’s so difficult to make money if the markets are stop hunting me or trying to take me out of my positions . Sinds shortly I am being profitable and i understand the markets more. the all-time question from most people is can you make money from the markets. and my answer is yes you can.

It is just like dancing, to create a new skill you need patience. And believe in yourself/ stick to your plans and never give up.

  1. be mentally stable. ( or the markets will teach you that.
  2. be prepared to take losers and winners.

join my free web on Wednesday to talk about the markets. ask me and i will send you a link. this all new to my site and bit by bit updating.

this i my course website. check it out for more details.