Certified Dance Teacher

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I am Lorenzo Tjon, a dancer and dance teacher with many years of experience in the dance world.

I started dancing in Suriname when I was 18, when I did breakdance / street dance.

Not long afterwards I became curious about other styles.

I started doing capoeira, where besides this Afro Brazilian Dance Fight I also learned to play music.

Through my fellow players I came in contact with the styles salsa, bachata, merengue, zouk and classical.

So I ended up at Dansclub Danzson, where after 3 years I was trained as an instructor.

My experience in the lating area grew quickly. Once in the Netherlands I followed and completed the teacher training at Salsaventura, Dancalegria, BrasaZouk etc.

In addition to the latin lessons, I teach Zumba at various dance and sports schools and I do dance projects at schools, for example.

I also give dance performances in different styles. During my dance career so far I have already won a number of prizes.

For example, I earned 2 times the title “Best dancer” at the annual International Beach Festival in Suriname and I became 2nd in the Surinamese version of “So you think you can dance”.

In order to keep my dancing skills up to date, I regularly attend classes, courses and workshops with other teachers, such as Lars Wensink (Zumba), Willem Engel (Dancalegria), Claudio Gomes, Adilio Porto, Edelmar Pasty, Brian van der Kust, Gilson and Natasha. , Carlos and mirella , Maikel and aline etc.

The dance styles in which I teach are: Capoeira, hip hop, breakdance, street dance, salsa, merengue, Kizomba, Brazilian Zouk and Bachata. I now also practice Modern classical, Tango and Samba de Gafiera.

During my lessons, I think it is important that we have respect for each other and for everyone on the dance floor. To make you a better dancer. there is certainly attention for technology, but fun is paramount.

Got invited, teached and performed at these events more then once in Europe:

1. Zouk fever Budapest
2.Bachaturo Polen
3. Silesian Polen
4. Zouk marathon Prague
5. Dance Vida Sweden

In holland:

1. Zwollywood Zwollen
2. Swouk festival Amsterdam
3. Leidsedans festival Leiden
4 Zouk Congress Amsterdam
5. Libre Zouk festival Breda

And am organizer for our very own festival in Dos baildores in Leiden together with Riane and Marije.

Maybe see you in class or on the floor!