About me

Certified Dance Teacher

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I am Lorenzo Tjon, a dancer and dance teacher with many years of experience in the dance world.

I started dancing in Suriname when I was 18, when I did breakdance / street dance.

Not long afterwards I became curious about other styles.

I started doing capoeira, where besides this Afro Brazilian Dance Fight I also learned to play music.

Through my fellow players I came in contact with the styles salsa, bachata, merengue, zouk and classical.

So I ended up at Dansclub Danzson, where after 3 years I was trained as an instructor.

My experience in the lating area grew quickly. Once in the Netherlands I followed and completed the teacher training at Salsaventura, Dancalegria, BrasaZouk etc.

In addition to the latin lessons, I teach Zumba at various dance and sports schools and I do dance projects at schools, for example.

I also give dance performances in different styles. During my dance career so far I have already won a number of prizes.

For example, I earned 2 times the title “Best dancer” at the annual International Beach Festival in Suriname and I became 2nd in the Surinamese version of “So you think you can dance”.

In order to keep my dancing skills up to date, I regularly attend classes, courses and workshops with other teachers, such as Lars Wensink (Zumba), Willem Engel (Dancalegria), Claudio Gomes, Adilio Porto, Edelmar Pasty, Brian van der Kust, Gilson and Natasha. , Carlos and mirella , Maikel and aline etc.

The dance styles in which I teach are: Capoeira, hip hop, break dance, street dance, salsa, merengue, Kizomba, Brazilian Zouk and Bachata. I now also practice Modern classical, Tango and Samba de Gafiera.

During my lessons, I think it is important that we have respect for each other and for everyone on the dance floor. To make you a better dancer. there is certainly attention for technology, but fun is paramount.

Maybe see you in class or on the floor!