Hip Hop:

Hip Hop started in The Bronx in New York. This started around the mid-1970s. In the ghettos (slums / disadvantaged neighborhoods) a large movement developed that had, among other things, the sense of rhythm, the beats in common. There were also new dance movements and rappers started. There was also an art form in the form of graffiti.

In the beginning the Hip Hop event did not have a name, but that changed on November 12, 1974, which is the most accepted birthday of hip hop.

Hip Hop is actually the collective word for: rapping, breakdancing, being a DJ and spraying graffiti. But what is all that?


Rapping is actually saying something to the rhythm of the music. Often rasting is used during rapping, this certainly does not always have to be the case, but to make it run smoothly (let it flow) is very useful. Rapping is mostly about what happens around you, for example if you are in love you rap about that.


Breakdance is a style where you combine dancing with a kind of acrobatic style. The origin of breakdance comes from the African martial arts martial. Nobody knows exactly who the real first breakdancer was but it is certain that this group from New York called B-Boys made it very popular. With this dance style, there are a lot of different moves like the freeze, the airflare, the headspin, the windmill, and the float.


A DJ is originally someone who cut and scratch, that is to move with the plate so that he makes strange noises. Nowadays it is no longer a long time, now DJs are playing in discotheques and on the radio. They usually have 2 CD players and a panel on which they can regulate volume and allow the song to blend nicely into each other.


Graffiti originated in the early 70’s because the young people in New York wanted to express themselves to the government. This they did so by writing texts on walls, buses and in the subways. The texts were usually very graceful and with bright colors. Nowadays short texts and images are sprayed with spray cans. It is also an art form but unfortunately, it is seen by the government and certain groups as vandalism.